For the past few months I have been slowly changing my wardrobe from buying everything that is from a high street brand into buying from local indonesian brands. It was only mid-last year when I started to recognise Indonesia’s fast growing fashion industry, that is being led by the younger generations. They are affordable, stylish, trendy, and yet different from the things you’ll find in high street stores. Most of the brands are selling their stuffs online, but they have really nice and super fast customer services that helps if you ever run into a problem. They also make payments really easy, cause you can transfer the money and don’t have to use a credit card.

Cottonink, Shopatvelvet, and Love+Flair are just some of my favourite local brands to shop at. They are always on trend, and come up with exceptional pieces. They come up with exciting collaborations with influencers, celebrities, and other brands. Another thing I value from local brands is that they only produce a small amount of each clothing pieces, making them unique and so you won’t be twinning with another girl which could be a bit awkward.



check-out the labels:





The T-Shirt



The fashion world is currently going crazy about statement t-shirts. Big fashion houses, such as, Dior and Dolce&Gabbana are joining the bandwagon with ‘We should all be feminists’ t-shirts from Dior, and an embellished ones from D&G.

The Slippers


My favourite from all the trends, since the slippers are just the most comfortable thing ever! They are comfy, and practical yet they are elegant and glamorous at the same time. These slides will amp up your outfit yet keep you cozy from morning all through out the day.

The Kitten Heels

Say goodbye to skyscraper heels, and say hello to short and comfortable kitten heels. These babies are back in trend after being overshadowed by all the stilettos around, don’t get me wrong, I love my high heels but it is just so nice to have the kitten heels just incase you need to run errands yet still want to look classy and effortless.



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(photo courtesy: Vogue)



Under Maria Grazia Chiuri’s new direction, Dior is headed towards a new course. Of course we are all used to Dior’s classic pieces that really portrays femininity, but now with a new artistic director in the house, she is bringing flirty, feminine, beautiful and delivered it in an unusual way. Personally I am so in love with their new Spring/Summer 2017 RTW collection, since they came through with mixing feminine and feminism. Chiuri is able to pull off pairing tulle skirts with t-shirts and my favourite touch is the ‘Christian Dior’ ribbon bra straps that is attached to those beautiful, flowy, gowns.

All the outfits looks so well put together, even though some are unexpected. Maria Grazia Chiuri was able to combine soft and flirty with strong and confident, and if you asked the people around me you’ll know that I love classic pieces combined with a touch of edgy-ness and modernity to it. It is safe to say that the ‘We should all be feminists’ t-shirt is a must-have of the season, and that Dior’s S/S 2017 RTW collection is my favourite show this season.



(photo courtesy: Vogue)



2016 was definitely the toughest year of my life, yet it was the most memorable so far. It has it’s many ups and downs, from personal matters to public issues, 2016 was one hell of a ride. It was the year of realizing stuff (Kylie Jenner was right on this one), it was also the year of surprises, just when you thought that life has no more surprises in store, they throw one right to your face.

2016 marks the start of my last year in high school, and the first 6 months were definitely tough, but it also made me a lot stronger. I had to make decisions that would dictate my future, which uni should I attend? which major is the best one for me? is this the right call to make? all these questions would stay with me until the early hours during those restless nights, making me even more anxious than I was before. But all of these decision are inevitable, and it is just the start. When you go through hard times you really get to know who your real friends are, who are always there for you, to support you during, what you feel like, could be the shittiest day or moment in your life.

2016 made me reflect on myself, since I only had 3 more months before graduating, I want to make those 3 months count. I will try to live my life to its fullest extent, I want to create even more memories with my friends, and I want to be able to take more risks. Because, what I realize in 2016 was that life is about taking risks and chances, and that you will learn from the mistakes that you made in the past. I hope that 2017 will be a better year for everyone!





A typical French pharmacy in Paris is my safe haven.. I find comfort in looking for new products to try out and old yet trustable products that I have ran out of, or even just searching the shelves for products that I might like. For me French beauty products are god sent and they are my lifesavers, they have saved me from sunburns, acne, and even bad hair days. The products that I have tried are very gentle and soothing for the skin, they don’t irritate the skin and doesn’t cause it to dry up. I can never stop raving about La Roche Posay to all my friends, their Effaclar Gel Face Wash has saved me from acne and uneven skin tone. Along with their Effaclar Duo that aims to corrects the appearance of imperfections. Another product I love is the Klorane Dry Shampoo that helped me through my bad hair days when I don’t have enough time to wash my hair in the morning.

Since a few years back I have sworn by these french beauty products that you can easily find in their pharmacies. If you are interested I suggest you do a little bit of research since it can be a bit tricky shopping if you don’t speak french, and especially if you want to improve your skins condition you need to buy the product that is right for your of skin type.

IMUN 2016


Last week has been a busy week since I attended my first ever Model United Nations or also known as MUN in Universitas Indonesia. For those who are not familiar with MUN it’s basically a simulation of the United Nations conference for high school and university students. I was extremely honoured to be the delegate of Vietnam in the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Affairs (SOCHUM) council. Joining IMUN also made me very aware of the problems that the world is currently facing, in SOCHUM we try to deal with the issue of statelessness and our main goal is to prevent and also find the solution for more than 10 million stateless people that we have right now.

I was very nervous for my first conference day because I was scared that I might not bring enough research or if I might say the wrong things. When I first stepped in to the conference room everything was happening so fast, and to be honest I was a bit shocked by how fast paced everything was. But as the days went by it got easier for me to connect, socialise, and negotiate with other delegates, that was when the real fun started, since we already knew each other we had the chance to be a little bit more relaxed around each other during the un-moderated caucus and lunch time. During the last day of the conference we have finally voted on a draft resolution we all think is the best solution for the problem. We also had an entertainment caucus (not a legit thing!) where we had a dance battle, which was extremely hilarious.

I had an amazing time during Indonesia Model United Nations and I am really interested in joining other MUN events. I highly recommend this activity for those who love to debate, negotiate, and who would like to become future diplomats. My tips for joining the MUN is that be confident, have proper research, and most of all just have fun!






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This year big decisions are to be made. Decisions that might even change my life drastically, decisions that I am not ready to make. It is kind of crazy that high school is going to end in about 7 months, and for the past 9 years this school is all I knew about. I have seen the same faces for nearly a decade, and those people have been my second family. But in less than 7 months I’m leaving that entire chapter of my life behind to start a whole new adventure. It might sound dramatic for those who have been through this before, but please do understand that this whole thing is a bit much for me right now, there are doubts in my head if I will ever make it in life, or if I am taking the right courses, or even something as simple as, will I make friends in university?

All of these questions have been on my mind for quite some time now, but as time draws near the more I am sure of the decisions that I am making. Now, I can’t wait to go on this new adventure that awaits for me in less than 7 months, and I made a promise to myself that I will make the most out of that 7 months that I have left with my high school friends.