I have currently been loving Korean style bouquets in instagram, those things are what dreams are made of. They are styled so effortlessly and gracefully, that you can’t just help but love and want them. Mostly rustic and pastel flowers are used along with black, white, and cream paper wrapping. The minimalistic wrapping brings the flowers as the vocal point (as it should be) of the bouquet. One of the most famous Korean florist that I follow on Instagram is Lee Ju Yeon of VANESS FLOWER.. And I just LOVEEE her account, everything looks so beautiful with the flowers and cute wrapping, you should check out her account and see her work!

ig: @vanessflower



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Honestly, since I’ve recently graduated from high school I have had a lot of free time to fill. My life drastically went from super busy to super lazy in the span of 3 weeks, so I have spent almost everyday on my laptop and just randomly watching videos on youtube. But in the midst of all that I have had the chance to look over Carolina Herrera’s most recent resort collection that my mom told me about, and I am just OBSESSED! I love every single piece in the collection,  and I can’t even stress it enough how I want every single piece in my closet right now. This collection screams classic with a twist, the silhouettes, the fabric, the cut, everything was just perfect. They have from bright and shocking colors to monochromatic pieces, and from day to evening dresses! They have everything you need in a single collection.





courtesy of Carolina Herrera

photos from Vogue




What now? After 3 years of high school it’s finally over now, after a month of not attending school since I finished my exams, reality sinks in, I am definitely not ready to deal with what comes after this. All the goodbyes, the new beginning, the new friends, the new environment, and basically the new everything. It might take quite some time to adjust and welcome my “new” life, but it is something that all of us have to go through at one point in our life. 

Then I realised that, I am not the only one experiencing this, all of my friends are. We are all entering a new chapter in our life, leaving our comfort zones to reach even bigger dreams and ambitions. I know that this isn’t goodbye, it’s more of a see you later kind of thing. These people are just some of those who I hold dear in my heart, they are those who I can count on in times of hardships, those who will be beside me to celebrate all the joy in my life, and those who are the source of my happiness.

So, thank you, I would never be here and be the person that I am today without you.





So, after a few weeks of wanting to try the new poke bowl spot in Kemang, I have finally tried it. Today I went to Honu, a really cool and chill restaurant that serves the hawaiian classic dish. The place itself is really strategic, close to the Go-Jek headquarters and Dia.Lo.Gue, parking was also not that hard to find. When you first enter the doors you are instantly greeted by a minimalistic combined with a few Hawaiian prints decor. You order in the cashier and it wasn’t a long wait until our food came, we ordered the Two & Two, a classic take on tuna and salmon poke served with white or brown rice, and the Bonfire not-so-poke bowl. Both dishes were great and super fresh, sadly we didn’t order any of the matcha drinks. But what I love the most from the restaurant is their vibe, it’s really comfy and chill, and I feel like I can stay there all day long with a good book.

I really recommend Honu for those who are interested in trying new foods from a different part of the world. This could be a great choice for those who wants to start eating healthy but still want a hearty meal.



-Honu Poké & Matcha Bar-


IMG_4525IMG_4621IMG_4357 (1)IMG_4643

The national examinations is in a month, and the days are passing by so fast. It felt like it was only January, and now it is nearing the end of March. As these days go by, and the day of my graduation is getting nearer, I feel even closer with those who are around me at school. They are the ones who have supported my wholeheartedly through my Senior High School journey, those people were in it with me, and I could not be anymore greatful to have known them for what felt like 3 short years. There are some who I would have never guessed to be my best friends, my closest confidantes. They were there to pick me up during my lowest points in life, and were also there celebrating with me during my peaks.

They are no longer my friends, they are my family. I don’t know what I would have done without them by my side, it would definitely be a less enjoyable journey for sure. I am looking forward to spending the next few months in high school, prom, and graduating with them. We are going to go our separate ways after this, and I just hope that we will continue to have this special bond between all of us.



(p.s.: since the school year is coming to an end, I have sudden urges to write emotional, sappy, and heartfelt posts about school, friends, etc. pleas bare with me :D)

off-the runway: CHLOÉ


The Chloé show has just ended and here I am just an ordinary 17 years old girl from Indonesia watching their show from my laptop screen. It was chic, it was parisian, it was Chloé. True to its words the pieces definitely embodies the brands principles of freedom, lightness, and femininity. Their fall/winter 2017 RTW collection has it all, from dresses to trousers, coats to mini-skirts. Each pieces were unique, quirky, and vibrant, nothing less of what you expected them to be.

I was in love with the clothes, the colours, the shape, the style, everything! It embodies timelessness, yet they all have a certain twist that makes them wildly different.

“Chloé speaks to me on so many levels – firstly because it’s feminine. I love the free-spirited, effortless attitude of the Chloé girl. For me, Chloé is about that fabulous piece you can wear so many different ways, and the spirit of confidence you have when you wear it. Most of all, it feels real.” – Clare Waight Keller



(photo courtesy: Vogue)



get the recipe from lady and pups


get the recipe from a spicy perspective

Poke has definitely arrived in the Jakarta food scene and I could not be happier! Even though it is not everywhere yet and is still under the radar, it’s safe to say there are a couple of spots that you can go to if you have the slightest bit of interest in tasting this hawaiian dish. Since poke [POH-keh] has made its way to my instagram feed (and slowly into my heart) I have always wanted to try it, yet since I don’t live in Hawaii or Los Angeles made it a bit hard. When I first saw the poke bowl I knew that I had to try one of those before 2017 ended.

For those who are not familiar with poke, they are a Hawaiian dish, that are basically cubed raw fish, usually salmon or tuna, that has been seasoned. The dish is commonly served with a bowl of rice.

That wish might come true since a few restaurants now serves poke bowls. One is Rock Paper Scissors in Kuningan, and the other one is Honu located in Kemang! Honu specialises in poke bowls and matcha, which I am so interested to try, while Rock Paper Scissors serves other meals too. Once I try the bowls I will definitely write a review on the restaurants! stay tuned..



(p.s.: I have inserted a few recipes in the links if you maybe want to make one at home)



For the past few months I have been slowly changing my wardrobe from buying everything that is from a high street brand into buying from local indonesian brands. It was only mid-last year when I started to recognise Indonesia’s fast growing fashion industry, that is being led by the younger generations. They are affordable, stylish, trendy, and yet different from the things you’ll find in high street stores. Most of the brands are selling their stuffs online, but they have really nice and super fast customer services that helps if you ever run into a problem. They also make payments really easy, cause you can transfer the money and don’t have to use a credit card.

Cottonink, Shopatvelvet, and Love+Flair are just some of my favourite local brands to shop at. They are always on trend, and come up with exceptional pieces. They come up with exciting collaborations with influencers, celebrities, and other brands. Another thing I value from local brands is that they only produce a small amount of each clothing pieces, making them unique and so you won’t be twinning with another girl which could be a bit awkward.



check-out the labels:





The T-Shirt



The fashion world is currently going crazy about statement t-shirts. Big fashion houses, such as, Dior and Dolce&Gabbana are joining the bandwagon with ‘We should all be feminists’ t-shirts from Dior, and an embellished ones from D&G.

The Slippers


My favourite from all the trends, since the slippers are just the most comfortable thing ever! They are comfy, and practical yet they are elegant and glamorous at the same time. These slides will amp up your outfit yet keep you cozy from morning all through out the day.

The Kitten Heels

Say goodbye to skyscraper heels, and say hello to short and comfortable kitten heels. These babies are back in trend after being overshadowed by all the stilettos around, don’t get me wrong, I love my high heels but it is just so nice to have the kitten heels just incase you need to run errands yet still want to look classy and effortless.



(photo courtesy: Pinterest)

(photo courtesy: Vogue)



Under Maria Grazia Chiuri’s new direction, Dior is headed towards a new course. Of course we are all used to Dior’s classic pieces that really portrays femininity, but now with a new artistic director in the house, she is bringing flirty, feminine, beautiful and delivered it in an unusual way. Personally I am so in love with their new Spring/Summer 2017 RTW collection, since they came through with mixing feminine and feminism. Chiuri is able to pull off pairing tulle skirts with t-shirts and my favourite touch is the ‘Christian Dior’ ribbon bra straps that is attached to those beautiful, flowy, gowns.

All the outfits looks so well put together, even though some are unexpected. Maria Grazia Chiuri was able to combine soft and flirty with strong and confident, and if you asked the people around me you’ll know that I love classic pieces combined with a touch of edgy-ness and modernity to it. It is safe to say that the ‘We should all be feminists’ t-shirt is a must-have of the season, and that Dior’s S/S 2017 RTW collection is my favourite show this season.



(photo courtesy: Vogue)