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This pandemic has certainly brought me to my senses, and try to re-configure the way I shop and buy things. If shoppers were divided into two categories, the smart buyers and the compulsive buyers, I would without a doubt be considered a part of the latter. It does not mean that I necessarily buy all the things that I want, I do my extensive research before buying any electronic gadgets, kitchen utensils, and books. But I am a compulsive buyer in regards of beauty items, clothes, and shoes, which are typically things that we like instinctively. During the Covid-19 outbreak, we have seen on the news workers getting laid off, the economy that is facing a possible recession, and with that being said I know that there are a lot of people and business that are facing financial problems. I was faced with the option of, to stop spending or to spend my money where it means the most.

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So, knowing those things, I knew that I had to start spending my money wisely. It is best for those who are able to, to help those who are struggling and to keep the economic wheel going. And after seeing all the campaigns on Instagram, I realized that I would need to support the small local businesses first, starting from those in my community to those outside of my area. This support could be shown in various of ways, from buying coffee from your local coffee shops, purchasing from local fashion brands, buying and promoting your friends/families business, etc. If we can help these businesses, they would be able to keep their employees, and in the end those employees are able to protect the well-beings of their own families. This is definitely a community effort, that shows how far we can go when we try to help each other during this difficult time. Also, don’t forget to stay in touch and check in with your loved ones, make sure they have food on their tables and a roof over their heads.

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“We rise by lifting others.”


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