So, like most people in the world I have been staying at home for almost 6 weeks at this point. To be honest, it is not that much of an inconvenience for me since I am a self-proclaimed homebody since a young age. Surely, there are things that I have missed, such as: Sushi, Friends, Family and also Mie Ayam. But being an only child only does not help my case, I have always enjoyed the occasional me time at home, watching Netflix, browsing Pinterest, and sometimes picking up a book and reading it.

This uncertain times has certainly brought its own magic with it. Friends who have never stepped to the kitchen before started cooking amazingly delicious foods, those who never watched K-drama started venturing into unknown territories and got addicted to it! Even I’ve been looking at gardening supplies on Shopee, wanting to start my own vegetable garden. Surely quarantine season has brought out the creativity and resourcefulness of everyone I know, and bringing families closer than ever before. Keeping a positive mindset is key during quarantine (easier said than done, honestly!) but I’ve been keeping a journal with me as a way for me to wind down during the end of the day. Re-discovered my love for beautiful homes and interior designs, and seeing them on Pinterest, Instagram, and other websites. This is another way for me to cope with the stress of being at home all day everyday.

Different people has different ways of coping, and especially during this time troubling times we should not judge how others cope. I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing those who baked pastries/bread, re-discovering their love for reading, and listening to music, the list is endless.

During this 6th week checkpoint (I think), these are the things that I’ve been up to and things that inspired me in little snippets.




 |photos: pinterest|

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