Since I started uni, which was about 4 semesters ago, and majoring in Fashion Management a lot of my tasks and homework has to do with research, create, and decipher the next big trend for the following seasons. It left me with countless tabs of Instagram, Pinterest, WGSN, Vogue, BoF, and so many more. All these websites and sources are brimming with information, pictures, and videos of so many beautiful clothing, accessories, and ideas. So much that recently I’ve felt so desensitized and uninspired over all these images and videos. My brain is currently feeling so overloaded with them that I start to doubt my own instincts, instincts that I usually trust without a fault. And let me tell you something, for someone who is majoring in fashion, I am feeling soooo shitty right now. The fact that I am feeling uninspired and doubting my “style” instinct, just because I receive so many “inspirations” every day. I am the kind of person that tends to stick to styles and pieces that I KNOW would work for me, that is my own personal style. But sometimes it stresses me out that I can’t really be “trendy” like those girls I see on my Instagram feed, then I would end up doubting my own style. This is what I mean by doubting my own instincts because sometimes I feel this pressure, that since I am a fashion student I have to be trendy and fashionable all the time.

Since I have realized this, my goal for 2019 is to strengthen my own personal style and I will not let it be dictated by anyone else. I strive to feel comfortable with my own style and wear them with pride and also be unapologetic to those who would hate. Stress less on what others would think about me.

I know this writing is probably just a big jumble of a mess, but I really needed to get this off my chest, so that I can restart my brain and start to feel inspired by things again. This may not be the best writing ever, but it is kind of difficult for me to get it across… But I sincerely hope you can understand me HEHE..



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