About a month ago my skin had been feeling really bad and just plain uncomfortable, so I decided to try a new salon near my house to get a facial since I am in dire need of one A.S.A.P., but what I thought would make my skin look glowy and dewy would eventually turn out to make my skin even drier and more uncomfortable! Maybe my skin just reacted badly to their products? I’m not completely sure, but at that moment all I wanted was for my skin to feel good again. Sooo then I decided to take the plunge and visit Surface Skin Habit in CITOS, I have heard so many good reviews from their customers and I have also been following their Instagram account for a long time so I felt at ease because I trust their reputation.

I called only 5 minutes before I came in, and thankfully they had a spot for me! After a short consultation, I decided to do the Acne Facial (I was also breaking out then). The aesthetician showed me to the room and gave me something to change into. When the treatment started she gave me some aromatherapy that helped me relax, then she cleaned my face and did the extraction (surprisingly not that painful!) and continued with a mask, and ended with a serum. Overall it was a very nice experience, but what I enjoyed the most was that the aesthetician gave me a lot of advice on skincare and what kind of ingredients I should look for in my skincare products. After the treatment, they gave me some peppermint tea (which I loveee!). I am definitely going back there, it also doesn’t hurt that the place is SUPER CUTE!!




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