I have currently been loving Korean style bouquets in instagram, those things are what dreams are made of. They are styled so effortlessly and gracefully, that you can’t just help but love and want them. Mostly rustic and pastel flowers are used along with black, white, and cream paper wrapping. The minimalistic wrapping brings the flowers as the vocal point (as it should be) of the bouquet. One of the most famous Korean florist that I follow on Instagram is Lee Ju Yeon of VANESS FLOWER.. And I just LOVEEE her account, everything looks so beautiful with the flowers and cute wrapping, you should check out her account and see her work!

ig: @vanessflower



(pic credit: pinterest & vanessflower)

One thought on “FLOWER POWER

  1. Hi dear.. saw ur blog.. Vaness is coming to Malaysia to teach Basic Florist Course and Advance&Wedding course. You may go to these link for more info



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