Honestly, since I’ve recently graduated from high school I have had a lot of free time to fill. My life drastically went from super busy to super lazy in the span of 3 weeks, so I have spent almost everyday on my laptop and just randomly watching videos on youtube. But in the midst of all that I have had the chance to look over Carolina Herrera’s most recent resort collection that my mom told me about, and I am just OBSESSED! I love every single piece in the collection,  and I can’t even stress it enough how I want every single piece in my closet right now. This collection screams classic with a twist, the silhouettes, the fabric, the cut, everything was just perfect. They have from bright and shocking colors to monochromatic pieces, and from day to evening dresses! They have everything you need in a single collection.





courtesy of Carolina Herrera

photos from Vogue




What now? After 3 years of high school it’s finally over now, after a month of not attending school since I finished my exams, reality sinks in, I am definitely not ready to deal with what comes after this. All the goodbyes, the new beginning, the new friends, the new environment, and basically the new everything. It might take quite some time to adjust and welcome my “new” life, but it is something that all of us have to go through at one point in our life. 

Then I realised that, I am not the only one experiencing this, all of my friends are. We are all entering a new chapter in our life, leaving our comfort zones to reach even bigger dreams and ambitions. I know that this isn’t goodbye, it’s more of a see you later kind of thing. These people are just some of those who I hold dear in my heart, they are those who I can count on in times of hardships, those who will be beside me to celebrate all the joy in my life, and those who are the source of my happiness.

So, thank you, I would never be here and be the person that I am today without you.