So, after a few weeks of wanting to try the new poke bowl spot in Kemang, I have finally tried it. Today I went to Honu, a really cool and chill restaurant that serves the hawaiian classic dish. The place itself is really strategic, close to the Go-Jek headquarters and Dia.Lo.Gue, parking was also not that hard to find. When you first enter the doors you are instantly greeted by a minimalistic combined with a few Hawaiian prints decor. You order in the cashier and it wasn’t a long wait until our food came, we ordered the Two & Two, a classic take on tuna and salmon poke served with white or brown rice, and the Bonfire not-so-poke bowl. Both dishes were great and super fresh, sadly we didn’t order any of the matcha drinks. But what I love the most from the restaurant is their vibe, it’s really comfy and chill, and I feel like I can stay there all day long with a good book.

I really recommend Honu for those who are interested in trying new foods from a different part of the world. This could be a great choice for those who wants to start eating healthy but still want a hearty meal.



-Honu Poké & Matcha Bar-

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