For the past few months I have been slowly changing my wardrobe from buying everything that is from a high street brand into buying from local indonesian brands. It was only mid-last year when I started to recognise Indonesia’s fast growing fashion industry, that is being led by the younger generations. They are affordable, stylish, trendy, and yet different from the things you’ll find in high street stores. Most of the brands are selling their stuffs online, but they have really nice and super fast customer services that helps if you ever run into a problem. They also make payments really easy, cause you can transfer the money and don’t have to use a credit card.

Cottonink, Shopatvelvet, and Love+Flair are just some of my favourite local brands to shop at. They are always on trend, and come up with exceptional pieces. They come up with exciting collaborations with influencers, celebrities, and other brands. Another thing I value from local brands is that they only produce a small amount of each clothing pieces, making them unique and so you won’t be twinning with another girl which could be a bit awkward.



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