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Poke has definitely arrived in the Jakarta food scene and I could not be happier! Even though it is not everywhere yet and is still under the radar, it’s safe to say there are a couple of spots that you can go to if you have the slightest bit of interest in tasting this hawaiian dish. Since poke [POH-keh] has made its way to my instagram feed (and slowly into my heart) I have always wanted to try it, yet since I don’t live in Hawaii or Los Angeles made it a bit hard. When I first saw the poke bowl I knew that I had to try one of those before 2017 ended.

For those who are not familiar with poke, they are a Hawaiian dish, that are basically cubed raw fish, usually salmon or tuna, that has been seasoned. The dish is commonly served with a bowl of rice.

That wish might come true since a few restaurants now serves poke bowls. One is Rock Paper Scissors in Kuningan, and the other one is Honu located in Kemang! Honu specialises in poke bowls and matcha, which I am so interested to try, while Rock Paper Scissors serves other meals too. Once I try the bowls I will definitely write a review on the restaurants! stay tuned..



(p.s.: I have inserted a few recipes in the links if you maybe want to make one at home)

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