A typical French pharmacy in Paris is my safe haven.. I find comfort in looking for new products to try out and old yet trustable products that I have ran out of, or even just searching the shelves for products that I might like. For me French beauty products are god sent and they are my lifesavers, they have saved me from sunburns, acne, and even bad hair days. The products that I have tried are very gentle and soothing for the skin, they don’t irritate the skin and doesn’t cause it to dry up. I can never stop raving about La Roche Posay to all my friends, their Effaclar Gel Face Wash has saved me from acne and uneven skin tone. Along with their Effaclar Duo that aims to corrects the appearance of imperfections. Another product I love is the Klorane Dry Shampoo that helped me through my bad hair days when I don’t have enough time to wash my hair in the morning.

Since a few years back I have sworn by these french beauty products that you can easily find in their pharmacies. If you are interested I suggest you do a little bit of research since it can be a bit tricky shopping if you don’t speak french, and especially if you want to improve your skins condition you need to buy the product that is right for your of skin type.

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