IMUN 2016


Last week has been a busy week since I attended my first ever Model United Nations or also known as MUN in Universitas Indonesia. For those who are not familiar with MUN it’s basically a simulation of the United Nations conference for high school and university students. I was extremely honoured to be the delegate of Vietnam in the Social, Cultural, and Humanitarian Affairs (SOCHUM) council. Joining IMUN also made me very aware of the problems that the world is currently facing, in SOCHUM we try to deal with the issue of statelessness and our main goal is to prevent and also find the solution for more than 10 million stateless people that we have right now.

I was very nervous for my first conference day because I was scared that I might not bring enough research or if I might say the wrong things. When I first stepped in to the conference room everything was happening so fast, and to be honest I was a bit shocked by how fast paced everything was. But as the days went by it got easier for me to connect, socialise, and negotiate with other delegates, that was when the real fun started, since we already knew each other we had the chance to be a little bit more relaxed around each other during the un-moderated caucus and lunch time. During the last day of the conference we have finally voted on a draft resolution we all think is the best solution for the problem. We also had an entertainment caucus (not a legit thing!) where we had a dance battle, which was extremely hilarious.

I had an amazing time during Indonesia Model United Nations and I am really interested in joining other MUN events. I highly recommend this activity for those who love to debate, negotiate, and who would like to become future diplomats. My tips for joining the MUN is that be confident, have proper research, and most of all just have fun!





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