It has been over a year since we have gotten together, and a meeting was long overdo. I have missed both of these girls so much and this day out was exactly what I needed after a very exhausting and tiring year, it’s just really fun to spend a day filled with shopping, sushi, and some much-needed gossip-ing over dessert. There is just something so special about spending a day with your cousins, you don’t really talk to each other everyday and they’re not really the first person you look for when you need someone to listen to because we tend to go to our friends first, but once you get together with your cousins, well for me at least, I just can’t help but tell them everything they have missed in my life.

I think overall it was a very successful day, I got my sushi (a much needed break from all the lebaran food), Danti got her make-up, and Icha got her Union cake! Thank you girls so much for putting up with my “blogger” antics and being so understanding when I didn’t allow you to eat before I got a decent picture! Other than that thank you for teaching me more about make-up because I literally never put on anything except for sunblock. I really hope that we can do this next year, or maybe even before that!



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