You know when summer is getting closer and you start to make unrealistic plans with your friends, such as: go on a road-trip together, have brunch in that new restaurant in town, , go to the beach, don’t stay in bed till noon, don’t be lazy, and do something totally unexpected and spontaneous, etc.

Well, that was me a month ago..Being the lazy person that I am, when summer actually rolled in, here I am in my pajamas staying up late watching my favourite rom-com movie at 11 pm, which will probably explain why I would still be in bed until 2 pm tomorrow. If I am not in my bed you can usually find me in the movie theatre, because I have been watching tons of the new movies, like: Now You See Me 2 (seen this twice already), The Conjuring 2, Finding Dory (LOVEEE the movie), and X-Men: Apocalypse.

It’s not that my summer is not fun, I actually really enjoyed it. I did make a banoffee pie that ended up really good, but extremely time consuming that I don’t think I would be making them for a while now. But when I go on social media I am again reminded of my so-called summer plans, because people are posting their summer vacation pictures and I just get a little bit of pressure to go out and enjoy myself during this time of the year, even though I am already content with what I am doing right now (aka going out only a few times).

Well, I think that is all for now! Thanks for reading my late night summer plans rant, and this was actually a very spontaneous blog post that is a bit more personal and un-planned. I don’t think this would be a thing though in my blog, but I really hope you guys enjoyed it!



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