This summer I am saying goodbye to one of my closest friend since elementary, because she is going away for college in Singapore. I know that she is not moving to the other side of the world, but I am still going to miss her like crazy! So, if you’re reading this Shab I just want you to know that I am so grateful for having you as a part of my life for the past 8 years. I literally don’t know how I would ever survive junior and senior high without you here by my side.

You were always there for me every time I needed someone to talk or just listen to my ever-so dramatic life stories (even though most of the time you don’t even understand what I am saying with all the crying and shouting going on). Time went by so fast and I am surely going to miss all the sleepovers, the late night domino’s run, the shopping trips (SO sorry for dragging you all over PIM multiple times), the late night HokBen deliveries (all them egg chicken rolls!!), and basically every moment I have spent with you.

We have grown so close in the past years that I think you know me just as much as you know yourself. Our friendship even reached to the point where your house has also become my second home that I could just enter without waiting for you (or Mas Kholis) to answer the door for me and even going to your grandparents house on a monthly basis.

I know that most of the time I don’t really show how much I appreciate our friendship, but I really want you to know that I love you and I will really really REALLY miss you when you go to Singapore, but I know that this is your stepping stone towards a great future (remember: BIG CLOSET, HAPPY LIFE).

So here’s to the years that have yet to come, may our friendship continue to grow and prosper in the future, and for the many memories that we’re going to make (super ready for WTF 2016!)  So be ready for me, knocking on your apartment door visiting you in Singapore.. Okay? 😉 Good luck with your studies there Shab and dont you dare forget about me!!



(I am proud to say that I didn’t cry in the process of writing this blog post, even though my eyes did get a little watery.)

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