It was like love at first taste, and the rest is history.

I have loved sweets for as long as I can remember and this particular dessert holds a special place in my heart.. It’s pudding to be exact, since I was little my aunty loved to make chocolate pudding with chocolate vla and the extra chocolate shavings on top. But as I grow older my taste buds has grown with me and since then I have fallen in love with one special pudding from Pudding Dessert. 

Pudding Dessert has been a favourite of my family since a few years back, everyone in my                        family loves it from my mom, my aunt, my cousins, and even my grandma (she says its not too sweet). They sell a variant of different flavours, but my favourite will always be their biscuit pudding, it is just three layer of pure heavenly goodness. The biscuits with the pudding base along with the vla just goes so well together and it is not too overly sweet that makes you sick but it is just the perfect amount of sweetness, I also do not doubt that their product are made with the highest quality product.

I highly recommend their puddings if you want to send gifts to your friends or family, since it is Ramadhan. Another great thing is that when you buy their pudding you are also giving back to the community, since they have a program going on that donates Rp 2.500 (small size) or Rp 5.000 (large size) for every pudding that you purchase during 6 June -5 July 2016.

Spread the love guys! ❤



Check out the full menu on their social media:

pudd1n5desserts (IG)
Pudding Desserts (FB)

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