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Lately, Selena Gomez has been a favourite of mine. The newly crowned “instagram queen” is just doing all the right things to gain more support and love from her fans. A year ago things were different for her, people shamed her for gaining weight even though she was going through treatment for Lupus. But now with her on-going Revival Tour she is shutting up the haters. She looks so much healthier and has a very positive body image about herself. From the informations that I have gathered from the internet, many sources said that she didn’t go on a crazy diet, but she ate junk foods moderately, trying out different exercises, and eating lots of wholesome foods.Selena really showed me how other peoples’ comments do not matter, and if you want to prove something, do it for yourself and not for other people.

For me this is really important, because being a teenager I get really worried about the smallest things, such as, my weight and how my body looks.  Not long ago, all I cared was how skinny I looked and what it says on the scale while eating nothing but junk food. But now I understand that it is not the numbers that defines me, but it’s the way I treat my body that does. I guess you could say this is one of the many phases in life, where I try to be healthy, but I really hope that I can keep doing this in the long run. Wish me luck guyss!




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