Raja Ampat, Indonesia




Milan, Italy

Being a full-time high school student forces me to have a boring everyday routine, who is stuck with a monotonous schedule of waking up early, leave for school, after-school lessons, going home, doing my home works, sleep and repeat. But at the same time I am also stuck in a perpetual daydream and a never-ending desire of wanderlust.

I would love to travel the world and do spontaneous things that make me feel alive, of course I still have to finish school, graduate from university and all that jazz, but with all the stress that life is giving me it is nice to have a little reprieve by imagining myself relaxing under the sun in the South of France or maybe in Santorini, Greece.

So, even though I am still stuck in school, here are some of the places I want to visit the most, both near and far. I hope you guys can enjoy the views as much as I did.


Ikyu Esjepe

(photos from google)

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