This afternoon (Indonesian time) I got the news that my all time favourite designer, Oscar de la Renta (82) has passed away.    I received the news from my cousin and immediately I was sent to a state of shock, we lost a genius today and a very special man.

I have always had something that I love about him, and that is by the way he makes such beautiful and exquisite gowns that makes the woman who wears it feel beautiful and extremely special too. Every single piece was just as beautiful as the last one, he makes dresses that women would love to wear and I would describe his gowns by classic with a modern twist, and he also have his ways with colours, every colour he chose is just so beautiful, the shades and all. With all the beautiful pieces he had created it is not hard to want every dresses he made, and it is one of my goals in life to own one of his gowns, it would definitely be a dream come true.

He will certainly be missed and may his legacy lives on ❤

RIP Oscar de la Renta


images from: thegirlwhostoletheeiffeltowerr (tumblr), thevsangelz (tumblr), fashion-runways (tumblr), and other sources. 



Last night, stomp was just so freaking incredible! It was everything a performance should be lively  and extremely engaging.

I thought it was just so cool that they made these amazing sounds from some simple things. Even though there was no dialogue but they still manage to make us feel a part of the show.

They are so talented and dedicated to what they do and it shows on stage! They are nothing short of amazing:)

Tonight was definitely a night to remember and I will cherish forever and if you didn’t catch their performance you can check them out on youtube!

Thank you ismaya live for bringing Stomp! to Indonesia.





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At the age of 15, I have to say that I am still indecisive about my style, I’m young and I still want to experiment on new trends and styles. But I don’t want to be the girl who doesn’t know her style for forever.

I found this book while I was going out with my family, and when I saw it I instantly knew that I would love it. It’s a light read, and filled with gorgeous and colourful illustrations. This book is basically about how, Andrea Linett, the author of the book and also the cofounder of Lucky magazine, found her style. She told the readers how strangers and her friends style shaped hers.

Each page is filled with how she felt inspired by what others are wearing, and that is what I love about this book, because that’s what I do all the time. I open fashion blogs, magazines or even take inspirations from my friends and strangers outfits that I like.

I totally recommend this book, it’s definitely one of those books that you just pick up when you have some time off to relax!

If you’ve read this book, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.




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This is probably the most nerve wrecking thing I have ever done, MY FIRST OUTFIT POST! AAAA!!

This was taken a few weeks ago when I had a mini vacation and I thought, why not have a photo shoot too. This outfit is definitely very casual and comfy, but not sloppy, which I love. I always believe that comfort should come first, because when you’re comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing, you’re going to feel fabulous. I want you all to know that I adore ripped jeans, cause they make a formal look more casual and because I love it so much that the jeans on my current wishlist are all ripped!

So thats all for today, I’m sorry I haven’t been writing a lot lately, I have been busy with school and life in general 😦 I’m going to try to post more things here on the blog!



bag: Alexander Wang, jeans: Stradivarius, shirt: New Look, sandals: Rubi, ring: Kandura Keramik , necklace: Arra jewellery