Since I started uni, which was about 4 semesters ago, and majoring in Fashion Management a lot of my tasks and homework has to do with research, create, and decipher the next big trend for the following seasons. It left me with countless tabs of Instagram, Pinterest, WGSN, Vogue, BoF, and so many more. All these websites and sources are brimming with information, pictures, and videos of so many beautiful clothing, accessories, and ideas. So much that recently I’ve felt so desensitized and uninspired over all these images and videos. My brain is currently feeling so overloaded with them that I start to doubt my own instincts, instincts that I usually trust without a fault. And let me tell you something, for someone who is majoring in fashion, I am feeling soooo shitty right now. The fact that I am feeling uninspired and doubting my “style” instinct, just because I receive so many “inspirations” every day. I am the kind of person that tends to stick to styles and pieces that I KNOW would work for me, that is my own personal style. But sometimes it stresses me out that I can’t really be “trendy” like those girls I see on my Instagram feed, then I would end up doubting my own style. This is what I mean by doubting my own instincts because sometimes I feel this pressure, that since I am a fashion student I have to be trendy and fashionable all the time.

Since I have realized this, my goal for 2019 is to strengthen my own personal style and I will not let it be dictated by anyone else. I strive to feel comfortable with my own style and wear them with pride and also be unapologetic to Continue reading

FASHION DIARIES : October/November

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Well, it has certainly been a while since I’ve posted anything on here, and it has been over 9 months since the post on my trip to Surface Skin Habit. Uni life has kept me super busy and had been nothing short of hectic and crazy, sometimes I just want to rip my hair out, but on the other hand I am also feeling so grateful that I’m spending my uni days doing things that I actually love and enjoy. But of course like every other major, there will always be some bumps along the road. During this third semester I’ve been really enjoying my Fashion Marketing class, because FINALLY a subject that is related to business and marketing!! In this class we got the chance to see the Louis Vuitton Time Capsule exhibition at Senayan City and the Ulos Exhibition at the textile museum. On the other hand I still have to endure production class, where I have to learn how to sew and make patterns, I know.. I know.. This class is super useful and I can learn a lot from it, but sometimes I’m just not that interested. But I will try my best to at least get a good score.

The crazy thing is that with all of this Uni stuff going on, time actually passes by a lot faster. All of a sudden it is already my mid terms, and in less then 2 months I’ll be having my finals!! I really want to keep doing this monthly diary thing during my uni life, to keep track of all the things I’ve been up to, I might even consider putting up pictures that did not make it to my insta page.. Hope you enjoy it!






About a month ago my skin had been feeling really bad and just plain uncomfortable, so I decided to try a new salon near my house to get a facial since I am in dire need of one A.S.A.P., but what I thought would make my skin look glowy and dewy would eventually turn out to make my skin even drier and more uncomfortable! Maybe my skin just reacted badly to their products? I’m not completely sure, but at that moment all I wanted was for my skin to feel good again. Sooo then I decided to take the plunge and visit Surface Skin Habit in CITOS, I have heard so many good reviews from their customers and I have also been following their Instagram account for a long time so I felt at ease because I trust their reputation.

I called only 5 minutes before I came in, and thankfully they had a spot for me! After a short consultation, I decided to do the Acne Facial (I was also breaking out then). The aesthetician showed me to the room and gave me something to change into. When the treatment started she gave me some aromatherapy that helped me relax, then she cleaned my face and did the extraction (surprisingly not that painful!) and continued with a mask, and ended with a serum. Overall it was a very nice experience, but what I enjoyed the most was that the aesthetician gave me a lot of advice on skincare and what kind of ingredients I should look for in my skincare products. After the treatment, they gave me some peppermint tea (which I loveee!). I am definitely going back there, it also doesn’t hurt that the place is SUPER CUTE!!










Lately I’ve been really loving that natural glow, no make-up make-up look, they all feel very natural and effortless. With the defined cheekbones, natural brows, rosy cheeks, and glossy lips, I am definitely digging the aesthetics. Many beauty brands have been focusing on making make-up that creates this look easier to apply, such as Glossier (LOOOVE their branding soo much!). Their no-fuss make-up is definitely intriguing to me since I don’t like to spend a lot of time doing my make-up and I’m not really good at it either so it is perfect if you’re someone like me. I’ve been dying to try Glossier’s haloscope (highlighter), cloud paint (blush), and their lip-gloss that has a 90’s feel to it. But sadly they are not shipping to Indonesia, but they have now started shipping to  Canadaa! Definitely go and check out their instagram page guyss!



photos: Glossier & Pinterest!



I just got back from a SUPER short trip to Jogja with one of my best friend, Shabrina.. It was extremely sudden and unplanned that we bought the tickets and booked the hotels only 2 days before the trip itself. It was on a spur of the moment kind of thing, but it ended up to be a successful and fun trip, one that is perfect before I start university.

We didn’t have any plan or idea on where we wanted to go but we ended up going to tons of places and eat delicious foods. During our 3 day stay we stayed at Pondok Sare Dua, a new and amazing hostel in the heart of Jogja, situated near the alun-alun. We ate a lot of ayam goreng and sate klathak while we were there, and it was no surprise for me that I gained a little bit of weight when I got back. Other than eating we visited the Ullen Sentalu museum, the Keraton (palace in Jogja), and also D’Walik museum where everything is hung upside down so it looks like you’re the one walking on the ceiling.

All in all it was such a great getaway that I think was well needed for me and Shab. I would love to go back to Jogja someday, especially since my other best friend Sashkia is going to UGM (Gadjah Mada University) this august.




proenza schouler 1_MON0164proenza schouler 2proenza schouler 3

Proenza Schouler have just launched their ready-to-wear collection yesterday during the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week, and the show was all over social media (especially from Caroline Issa’s Instagram account ;)) I just had to write about it since I fell in love with the ruffles, corsets, boxy blazers, and of course the craftsmanship of all the pieces. The pieces mostly consists of bare midriff tops and hip skirts with pointy ruffled flats. I honestly want everything in the collection because all of the pieces are just sooo beautiful! Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez definitely did a great job on this collection.



(pic: vogue.com & proenza schouler)


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Finally after a few weeks of not meeting my closest friends, I got to meet them yesterday and it was just so much fun. Sometimes you forget how exciting it is just to go out and eat with your closest girlfriends, but then when you meet them there’s just always laughter around. I feel like we need to make the most out of the time we have since Shabby is going back to Singapore and Sashkia is going to Jogja to start uni there.. I’m going to miss them tons, but at the same time I know that this is all for our future.

So yesterday we went out to Pantai Indah Kapuk and decided to eat at AW Kitchen, they specialize in Italian dishes with a Japanese twist. The food was definitely interesting and something new, especially since I tried their Capellini with Sakura Shrimp & Truffle Oil cold pasta it was really good and the combination of flavors work really well together. But sadly we didn’t get the chance to try out any of their dessert items since we had a movie to catch at the new FLIX Cinema (which was amazing by the way! they have reclined seats and also usb charger for your phone!)

Overall it was such an amazing day spent with some of my closest friends filled with love and as always laughter 😀